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S1 Fire Monitoring “Nexus” ASE, technical features

Alarm signalling equipment

Nexus ASE

S1 Fire Monitoring has developed the “Nexus” ASE to set the standard in Alarm Signaling Equipment (ASE). The Australian designed & manufactured device is compliant with the latest Australian Standard AS 4428.6:2018.

The Nexus ASE stands alone with features such as:8 inputs as standard, and site geotagging facility.

  • Fulltime dual polling
  • Ent to end managed services
  • 4G & IP communication paths
  • Keyless access via pin code

Technical Features


The S1 Fire ASE has 8 inputs as standard. This expansion from the current standard will minimise the additional costs incurred when installing into larger sites.

Dual Reporting

The S1 Nexus ASE is dual reporting and is in a constant timed polling communication via 2 separate communication paths across two individual 4G networks to two Cloud Servers. In the event an alarm input is triggered, both Modem 1 and Modem 2 send the alarm event across both 4G networks, to both servers simultaneously for processing

Site Geotagging

The Nexus ASE software allows for site geotagging to enable operational staff to identify sites and locations via Google Map coordinates. This feature allows for allocation of sites geographically, enhances service delivery and drives business processes to allow for minimised time on site.

Sim Card and Modem Fallback Options

Our S1 Nexus ASE is designed for use on the 4G network and accommodates the three major networks Telstra and Optus and Vodafone.

System Flexibility

The S1 Nexus ASE has been designed for flexibility and customisation at a site level to cater for physical restrictions and Fire Indicator Panels that do not allow for flexibility with add on installations. With the advent of the S1 Fire Display Module, those systems requiring a smaller design and form fit can now be easily catered for. Direct connection into the main Fire Comms Board via 4 core cable ensures simple yet effective system design and flexibility for the installer and end user.

No ASE Key Required

S1 Fire Monitoring identified the cumbersome nature of ASE Keys and have developed a no key solution for the Nexus ASE. Our control centre will issue a set of codes for each ASE providing a higher level of security and allowing for easy identification of user access through our powerful monitoring software.

Hot Swap Modems

S1 Fire have built as standard, the capability to easily upgrade modem types to allow for shutdown of future networks. The modem chipset is robust and hot swappable which means that in the future the 4G modem can be easily unplugged and replaced with a 5G or 6G modem without the need to replace the entire ASE.

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