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S1Fire monitoring

S1 Fire Monitoring are proud to operate our Australian owned Grade A1 Monitoring Centre in Canberra the nation’s capital. The centre maintains compliance with Australian Standard 2201.2:2004, AS1851-2005 and AS1670.3:2018.  From this location for both Fire system monitoring and the various facets of our customer service are delivered. We work closely with the relevant local authority in your juristiction to ensure your system is monitored and managed to the requirements under the relevant Australian standard.

We strive to deliver a responsive customer experience where the service & installation, monitoring and accounts departments offer prompt and reliable outcomes.

S1 Fire Monitoring provide monitoring services to:

Body Corporates

Fire service & installation contractors

Building Owners

Property & Facility Managers

We believe in keeping things simple. Installation of a quality Australian made product and monitoring of your signals via our intelligent alarm monitoring software to ensure you and your Fire Service agent are kept up to date on the status of your system at all times.

The S1 Fire Monitoring “Nexus” is configured with two concurrent 4G modems that are designed and built to immediately resolve issues relating to the NBN rollout or the diminishing coverage of the Telstra 3G network due to be shut down in 2024.  The 3G coverage will continue to diminish as they decommission mobile towers in your area leading to performance and network issues which may lead to costly call outs.

Email and SMS Services (at no extra cost)

S1 Fire Monitoring delivers AutoText using SMS technology to send text messages so clients can easily manage low priority alarms. Since text messages are read 200x faster than emails, AutoText provides the fastest and most efficient way for us to communicate with our customers. Email notifications are also available.

S1 Fire Monitoring will, with the use of our monitoring software, allow you to access your monitoring accounts from any location with Internet access. Home screens can be customised to provide important key statistics at a glance, allowing you to manage multi sites, view, add and update your account information. Our mobile app version gives you access from your mobile device any time of the day or night.

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Our customer service team are available to assist with your enquiry, and our licensed technicians are available to complete your service or installation.

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